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The New Economy: The Case for Outsourcing Event Sales

Wednesday, August 04, 2021 2:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Written by Skip Heymann, Exhibit Connection

It has been quite a dry spell for the conference and event industry. By the very nature of being in-person events, the format has certainly taken a hit in the last 18 months. We can dwell on the downsides caused by the pandemic — however, why not look on the bright side: we are starting to see the business of conferences come back on schedule, live and on site. The next obvious question is: are you ready?

In the downturn we have all taken – perhaps you have needed to downsize, furlough or reorganize your staff. Perhaps the new economy encouraged your employees to seek new opportunities in more remote work settings. Whatever the case, things are most likely not what they were before COVID. A new model of operations could be necessary if your organization needs to spring back into action for the Fall conference season.

To scale back up in a short time span, a very viable option is to outsource various functions to trusted vendors. At first glance, this option may seem counter-intuitive, given the complexities of your needs for your market or clientele. However – some tasks can benefit from the expertise and independence of a knowledgeable partner. This is especially true with event sales.

Outsourcing event sales can alleviate stress while ensuring your event is successful and on target. In many cases, it can actually cost your company far less than a dedicated employee. And, as you’ll see, using a contract sales vendor can initiate new opportunities, while delivering on the all-important ROI that conference organizers need.

How You Benefit from a Contract Sales Professional

An outsourced sales vendor can come in at just the right time to execute on your event sales plan from start to finish. Here are five advantages of outsourcing to an experienced company:

  1. They have one goal: your company’s success. While your in-house team may have many projects, contracted event sales professionals have one objective: executing on your revenue goals to deliver the results you need.
  2. They have relationships that can help you. Established event sales professionals are connected to many vendors and partners, from digital marketers to technology providers to exhibit manufacturers... Their network enables them to navigate any glitches, and you can benefit from the trust they’ve taken years to establish.
  3. They won’t stress—and (more importantly) they’ll help you stress less. Each part of your event marketing plan—social media, invitations, collateral development, websites, landing pages—involves many decisions and deadlines. A contract sales professional is trained to think about these things, while executing the revenue generating activities that help pay for them all. They’ll keep their cool so you can too!
  4. They can get a good deal. Sometimes, event sales professionals can leverage their connections and can get discounts you aren’t aware of. By bringing in another organization, you immediately expand your “sphere of influence” and take on a much broader network. Since a sales professional always works on your behalf, you increase your industry footprint immediately.
  5. The bottom line. The truth is outsourcing will cut your costs — as you will only “pay for what you need.” This concept works for more than just personal insurance… An outsources sales asset can be temporary, seasonal, project orientated, or performance based. It all depends on your needs and the contract you work out.

Finding the Right Freelance Sales Team

If you are reading this post, then chances are you know how complex event sales can be. Exhibit Connection (EC) specializes in outsourced event sales and can offer all of these benefits and more. Our organization has decades of experience in this industry and has impacted the operations and revenue for organizations just like yours.

Curious? Reach out to us about making your next event your best yet. Getting back to business is in all of our best interests, so we would love to discuss how we can make that happen together.

All the best,

Skip Heymann

VP Sales and Business Development

Exhibit Connection

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Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

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